Friday, May 15, 2009

Who is tinkering to get the engine right?

I recently read in the UK based RESEARCH magazine that WPP Boss Martin Sorrell, described his groups Insight capability as one of their "engines of growth". Good news for the research profession if he is right which I suspect he is. It will only work however researchers (both part of WPP and everyone else) are able to deliver the insight in an engaging format, suitable for business in 2009 and beyond.

In the same magazine, there was an article titled "Research Skills must evolve with consumers", from the Advertising Research Foundations, Chief Research Officer, Joel Rubinson. He challenged the research industry to learn and incorporate a new set of skills to gain insight from consumers online. Hearing the unexpected and paying attention to the new vocab were mentioned. His view said that insights gathered from Social Media sources need to be merged and integrated with insights gained from more traditional research data collection methods.

We have a big job to do to ensure we are being trained to do this to ensure the growth engine is well tuned. When I look at training being offered by most professional societies now, i see more of the same courses that have been present for 20 years. We need to invest now. Any thoughts on what we can do?

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