Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nokia is back for me

Yesterday I picked up a new phone - a Nokia E71. It is fantastic and it has been 6-7years since I have had a Nokia. I have had the phone for 24 hours and have worked out 90% of what I need to know.

In the early days of mobile phones I was extremely brand loyal and loved Nokia phones. I would not consider anything else. Somehow i ended up trialing lots of different phones and PDA's, Samsung and HTC mainly, between 2000 to present. I think tried something different because everyone seemed to have a Nokia and it was nice to be a bit different. I was not however really happy with any of these phones.

How things have changed in 2009. When I needed a new phone, i was advised to get a new HTC, IPhone or Blackberry. Something about these phones didn;t feel right for me and I decided to go back to Nokia. Why? I think it is because this phone was not common and every person you see has a blackberry or new Iphone.

So back with Nokia, its a little different than the pack but its a great handset (so far)

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