Saturday, January 2, 2010

The launch of my new blog -

I have finally decided to re launch my blog so I can better connect with people that, like me want market and social research to be more important to business and government.

I know that marketing can make a difference if decisions are made based on strong customer understanding. The internet can deliver entirely new and engaging experiences to people that want to have a say, and I want to assemble a tribe of people that think the same and then work on communicating this to the business world. If you want to join me and contribute to the conversation check it out on:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A year of listening and learning

2009 has been an amazing year for me personally and professionally.

It has been a year that I have been reminded about the importance of listening (inspired by Vanilla Ice), the amazing resiliance and thirst for learning within research professions (inspired by the record numbers at this years AMSRS Conference and Summer/Winter schools) and I have seen real change in the way information is being communicated and shared (inspired by MC Hammer's performance at UTS Social Media Club I will write about my weird allegiances to 80's Rap artists in my new blog that I plan to launch later this month.

2009 has been tough however I have learnt alot, i have turned 40 in style with my family and friends and it has forced me to take control of my career.

to read my full Presidents Point of View in December Research News, here is a link

Monday, November 16, 2009

Can Market and Social Research deliver the ultimate aphrodisiac?

The AMSRS delivered an outstanding National Conference in October of 2009 in Sydney. Over 600 people interested in marketing, advertising and market and social research from around the world gathered to what became the largest and most successful AMSRS conference ever.

What made it great was that is was very different than the ones before, more stories, more speakers from outside of research and more discussion and different opinions on the future of the research profession.

What made it different I feel is that we are all realising that our profession is changing again and will continue to do so. There are so many opportunities for the profession of research and during the conference it ocurred to me that we have the opportunity to deliver the ultimate aphrodisiac to business and government. Read my November article in Research News to find out more.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Welcome to the 'new normal'

Last month the US was reported to be moving out of recession but globally and more importantly in Australia, is it possible that there has been a dramatic and permanent chang ein the way that business and government across the world have started to purchase and use research?

Here is my article from the October's Research News, the 100th edition!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

40 years in the making

I turned 40 this year and one of my personal aims was to become a more powerful and effective presenter. I identified 5-6 conferences across marketing, advertising and research and wanted to have fresh ideas, the best slides and to speak simply and confidently without reference to notes.

Working with @michaelbatistic and @raypoynter i feel that i have achieved most of what I wanted to with my 5 best decks found here:

I presented within Australia and Overseas, at research conferences (AMSRS, ESOMAR Asia Pac, Consumer Insight) and Marketing (Marketing Week) and Advertising (Digitec, The Future FAce of Marketing) conferences. Look out for the next 12 months where I am wanting to explore how we put the marketing back into Market and Social Research.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Click below to my article today in Research News September 09 which discusses our role in determining the reputation and image of market and social research in Australia.

We need to produce questions and topics that we would be prepared to answer ourselves! I hope you enjoy and please send me your thoughts

Friday, September 4, 2009

This time last week I was taking part in Oxfam TRAILWALKER Sydney 2009 with my team.

The challenge was to complete 100kms of rugged bush trail in less than 48 hours as a team of four. The event is a fundraising challenge. Our team committed to raising at least $5000 to help some of the world's poorest people. Colmar Brunton had 20 teams entering this year’s challenge.

My team included friends Tor, Lou and Adrian and we proudly completed the 100km's in just over 33 hours. It was slower than we planned and trained for however we toughed it out as a team and had a ball at the same time. It was the third time I had completed the walk and I am proud that I have finished 3 times each with my full team of 4.

This year, I learnt alot about teamwork, roles within a team, sticking together, helping each other and appreciating the amazing trail. Each team needs a leader, an organiser, a guide and a joker at times. Over 33 hours, roles within the team can change and each of us need to be flexible enough to switch roles when required. If you ever want to create a life long connection with another, walk 100km with them.

If you would like to find out more or sponsor my team please visit:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Research News - August point of view: Lost in translation

Wikipedia informs me that the 2003 film Lost in Translation explores themes of loneliness, alienation, existential ennui and culture shock. I don't admit to being a fan of existential ennui (what is it?) however as we explore this month's Research News theme of PEST (political, economic and social trends), I see both risk and opportunity looming for our profession as we move through the current change cycle. The risk is that we remain somewhat lost in translation to public policy leaders and business leaders; the opportunity is for re-thinking, re-invention and renewal.

for more garble click on

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WOW What a Conference Agenda

Maintaining a learning culture and AMSRS Conference 2009

As we tough it out this year, it is reassuring to know that despite the tough economic climate, over one third of the AMSRS membership have already undertaken some form of training or personal development this year via our professional PDP programmes. This is not the case with other professional societies that I have come into contact with lately, so there is clearly a strong learning culture present that will ensure that we keep developing as a research profession in Australia.

If you have not already taken advantage of the early bird rate for Conference 2009 you should do yourself a favour and at least check it out today

The National Conference Committee have really thought this one through, with discounts available for QPMR’s, YRG and Operation specific session, a fantastic list of speakers and papers and incorporating for the first time the Asia Pacific Research Conference, which is a stream of winning papers and speakers from Japan, Korea, China and Australia. I am particularly looking forward to listening to Andy Dexter who will be leading the rallying call for seeing recession as a time of re-thinking, re-invention, and renewal. If you have seen a more exciting conference on paper send me the details!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Australian profession being recognised on the world stage

I noticed in the July issue of Research News this article from John Marinopoulos, the aussie ESOMAR council member and managing director of Strategic Intelligence Group.

John represented Australia at last months World Industry Network (WIN) meeting of senior market researchers in Amsterdam. This was hosted by ESOMAR and included participants from over 20 countries.

It is great to see that the World is starting to appreciate the job that has been done in Australia in the areas of quality, being qualified and our professions' attempt to create more client conversations. We now need to ensure that our own members and clients in Australia clearly see the value of QPMR. Stay tuned as there is a plan in place!