Monday, February 9, 2009

Reshaping the game in 2009

check out my presidents report for February in Research News.


Let me know if you agree or have a different view

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Andrew Paul said...

Interesting article, it may appear difficult to improve quality without negatively impacting time or cost however I think this can be achieved by demanding an ongoing innovation in techniques as you have stated in point 4.

In the future any one project may employ a range of research methodologies as researchers are forced to adopt and develop new techniques. However I feel researchers themselves will diverge with the landscape consisting of a few large research houses with many independent consultants grouping together on a project by project basis. Innovation is more likely to evolve from these smaller groups and consultants where reliance on large ongoing studied and government contracts is not an option.

In keeping with the cricket analogy then researchers will be selected for projects depending on their skills, experience and ‘fit’ with the team. Will agencies then just consist of a few ‘selectors’ who have access to and intimate knowledge of a large pool of talent?