Sunday, August 31, 2008

Networked Individuals

I was introduced to this video on youtube by a friend, mentor and colleague Ray Poynter.

It is 55 minutes but worth the time investment. It highlights the role that youtube has played in linking people like never before. There appears to be a loss of community within society, less trust built between individuals and government or corporates. As humans we crave connections, deep connections with others. Youtube has provided an avenue for many people to create connections we can't seem to establish any more in real life. We are now building our social networks online and these networks are shaping our decision making. The new currency is about how connected or networked you are.

This obviously has massive implications on marketing and communications right now and for market and social research into the future. Over the next month i will be attending the AMSRS National Conference in Melbourne, Australia and the ESOMAR World Congress in Montreal, Canada and I plan to use these forums to develop my thinking in this space via my blog.


Steve C said...

Hi Pete, Great initiative. Look forward the sharing the experience in Montreal. The point about social connections being the new currency overlaps with what Carolyn Dean taught us: That 'business organisations' are really just a network of spoken & unspoken conversations. Apply this further to 'society'. Cheers Steve C

peterh said...

It seems easy to build your own business network. Opening night for AMSRS Conference, i had dinner with researchers from around the world, Fiji, Australia, NZ, Germany, France, Malaysia and UK. It seems Australia is way behind in the use of online communities to help deliver research insight. How can we quickly get the profession and clients up to speed?